Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bissmillah, Preparing for new Zaza Shop :)

Salam, this several days, i'm so busy with my new bussiness. Yaap, that's my online shop. Acctually, the Zaza Shop has been founded almost two years ago, but now i want to do a new inovation for my online shop. That is "Zaza Shop for Hijabers". Maybe it seems impossible to do for me, but i believe that nothing impossible if we want to try. Eaaaaa :D
And now, Zaza Shop for Hijabers are in procces. Hopefully, this my new effort will be succeed. Amin :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A messy daaaay

Today is wednesday, actually i don't have any class for today. Hopefully i can spend my time in my home and my sweet room. But all that dreams shattered :( i should still come to campus for have a meeting with the internal commitee of "Youth Political Outlook 2011". That event is really make me dizzy. I think not only me, my friends too. Because, it's only about one month we have to make that event. And the other hand, in this two weeks we have a midtest. But i don't want to talk about that only. Okee, that's the first thing that make my day was so messed up
This morning, i think today is a free day for me, so i wake up late. I forgot that today i had to go to  campus, and i also forget that all of my hijab are washed and haven't ironed out. As a result, i wearing the hijab that doesn't match with my shirt today :((  Aaaaaa...what a messed morning !!! Eiiittss,the chaos today doesn't stop there, when i arrived at campus, i had to go to the ATM center, aaaaaannnddd the ATM was out in process! and i just have twenty thousand rupiah in my wallet. I'm so thirsty and hungry that time, but if i spend that money i can't go home. So, just bought a drink and immediately met with the internal commitee. After that, i had to go home, because no one of my friends are in the campus today, so i go home directly. In the middle way, rain was falling down and it causes the crazy traffic jam!! I felt so tired and messed up today. And because of that all happens, i canceled to meet Zakky today. aaaaaaarrggh!!:(

The crazy traffic jam

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hijabers Community Launching

Hijabers Community Launching? Yup, i know it's too late to post it now, because it's about a month ago. But, i think it's better late than never :) I'm a newbie on Blogger, so i just have an opportunity to post this event right now. 
As you can see, i'm wearing hijab. I think almost of all hijabers are already know about Hijabers Community, the hijab girls community which had launched on April, 19. Oh yes, i'm certainly lucky, because i got the invitation and have an opportunity to met all of beautiful hijabers in there. I attended the launching with my high school friends, Rieke :) That's a wonderful day for us and also another hijabers who attended that launching. See yaaa on other event from Hijabers Community :)

Dian Pelangi and her models


Me and Rieke 

Lecture by Teh Nini 


 Performance by Ina Rovi

 Fashion Show

 Me and Dian Pelangi

Me with Dianika and Thata (new friends from this event)

know me first :)

Salam :) 
Before i start my blog, better for you to know me first. My full name is Zakia Lestari, but you can call me zakia. I'm a student of Al Azhar University of Indonesia and focus in Public Relation. Actually i'm not really understand about using the blog, but i just try to do this. Hopefully, you can enjoy my blog :)


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