Friday, May 27, 2011

Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2011

Me attending to Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2011 at Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading with 3 others. There are Thata and Dianika, friends who meet in Hijabers Community Launch, and also Maya, my junior sister in campus :3

Me and Hijabers Community team :3

Dianika, Thata, me and Maya

Posing with Phute, my old friend in LIA :3

accidentally, we wearing the same tone colour :3

it was a wonderful day when we can meet with all of beautiful hijabers, doing some fun things, getting some photos, and sharing about hijab style. it's really the power of hijabers :3
see yaa in the next Hijabers Community event :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Youth Political Outlook 2011 --> DONE :)

Behind the scene

Pra-Event -- Political Exhibition

Pra-Event -- Bazaar

Dicky - Niya as a leader



Wanda Hamidah


Best Questioners got an Original CD by Tere


 Committees :)

Thanks to all who have participated :)


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